Heavy Feathers

A Colorful Short Drama By Joosje Duk

Heavy Feathers tells the story of Myna (18), a young girl who finds out that her father, who passed away right before she was born, might still be somewhere out there. She is eager to find out the truth about her past, but the truth is not easy to come by with a sister who thinks a life in the dark is a better life, and a mother whose truth is a fairy tale she doesn't even believe in herself.


Short Film Corner at Cannes Film Festival | May 2016
Berlin Short Film Festival | July 2016
Mzansi Women's Film Festival | August 2016
European Short Film Festival | October 2016
Orlando Film Festival | October 2016
Lone Star Film Festival | November 2016
Santa Fe Film Festival | December 2016
HollyShorts Monthly Screening Series | April 2017
SoHo International Film Festival | June 2017


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